Hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening… or what do you prefer…

Write to me, please:  casting  then @ and later avocadopictures.pl .
Open Instagram: @avocado_pics  as well.

I’m used to work all around the Poland and Europe. Mostly  – Warsaw (PL).

Forget the story about my life history, my photographic evolution. I can tell you about when we meet. We are now. My present skills are now important. For you. Use them.

Probably important is to explain, how I work. Or not. Anyway – yes, I use Photoshop. But when it is necessary – mostly for product photography. CAP (computer aided photography) means Adobe Lightroom in most cases. That’s really enough.  Personally I do prefer possibly natural look of pictures, people. Of course – if you demand specified way of postprocessing  – you’ll get it.

The pictures, you find in local galleries here were done in many ways –  digital or using silver film. In studio or out of. With modifiers or just raw.  I’m showing you not only „fashionable”, „modern” – but also other styles – for giving you a wider view of my possibilities. Sometimes more experimental – sometimes more classical.

Feel invited and do not hesitate to talk about details, your expectations, goals, needs.

However – I wish you a good day.

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